Products: Nora

Special greases for low noise bearings.

Temperature and walk stable thickener also make them to a suitable grease at high or frequently changing temperatures eg for bearings in electric motors, household appliances, office equipment, film and video equipment, or in textile machinery.

These are often excellent for lifetime lubrication.


  technical data sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

Nora la 1

Nora la 1 hv

Nora la 2 hv

Nora lae 1

Nora led 2

Nora li 1

Nora li 2 lv

Nora lka 1 hv

Nora lm 2

Nora ph 1

Nora ph 2

Nora ph 2 hv

Nora ph 2 sp 12

Nora ua 2

Nora ua 2 lv

Nora ua 2 sp 12

Nora ue 2 hv

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