Products: Ciric

Special pastes for high temperature lubrication of screws and sliding surfaces. Most predominantly metal powder by a high percentage of solid lubricants, provide good release properties and low friction. Loosening of screws and bolt connections nauch after long times, seizure will be prevented.


  technical data sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

Ciric 8

Ciric a

Ciric a -sw

Ciric a 00

Ciric a 1

Ciric a spray

Ciric aan

Ciric akm 1 tz

Ciric akm 2 ck

Ciric akm 2 k

Ciric akm 2 zn

Ciric asw spray

Ciric b 271

Ciric b 272

Ciric b spray

Ciric ba 1 k

Ciric ba 15 ca

Ciric ba 20 k

Ciric ban

Ciric be 0 al

Ciric be 0 cka

Ciric be 1 al

Ciric be 1 cka

Ciric be 1 k

Ciric be 2 al

Ciric be 2 cka

Ciric be 20 al

Ciric be 20 cka

Ciric be 30 cka

Ciric be 40 cka

Ciric bg 1 k

Ciric bm 1 ckz

Ciric bm 2 al

Ciric bpm 2 k

Ciric chm 20 k

Ciric chm 30 k

Ciric cp 20

Ciric cp 30

Ciric fa 1 ck

Ciric fa 2 ck

Ciric lm 1 ck

Ciric lm 1 k

Ciric lm 2 al

Ciric lm 2 ca

Ciric lm 2 k

Ciric lm 3 k

Ciric lpm 1 k

Ciric n

Ciric p

Ciric so

Ciric so -sw

Ciric so fluid

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